IFF Launches Sustainability Strategy – ‘Natural Fur’

By furfashion

February 17, 2020

The global fur industry has launched an ambitious programme and a clear direction of travel for the industry and wider supply chain around animal welfare, environmental protection and for the people and communities that work in the sector as part of its first sustainability strategy.

The strategy was launched by the International Fur Federation (IFF), the global body for the fur sector, at an event to coincide with London Fashion Week at the Danish Embassy in London on 17th February.


" This strategy will set out a framework and future ambitions for the fur sector, based around the UN' s sustainable development goals, and will consist of ground-breaking global initiatives, targeted interventions and clear goals that will move the industry to becoming truly sustainable.

" Fur is one of the most sustainable natural materials, the epitome of 'slow fashion' , and is an industry worth an estimated $30billion per year that employs hundreds of thou- sands across the globe. All of those involved in the sector and wider supply chain have a role to play in helping to meet and deliver these ambitious goals and this strategy will help them to do that."

The Natural Fur Strategy will consist of 3 key pillars and 8 major initiatives:

Good for Welfare

Good for the Environment

Good for People

The press release incorporating the 8 major initiatives can be found here

The Sustainability Strategy can be found here

Industry sentiment: our world is a beautiful world. We all want to pursue and satisfy, fur as the leader of fashion can not lack. Although for a short time, some people refuse fur under the cover of protecting animals, this kind of speech is not perfect. For the sake of animals, we should first stop eating meat. Cattle, sheep, pigs, chickens and so on are also animals, and that is the largest number. Protecting animals doesn't mean that we don't have to meet the needs of human beings. We raise them well and let them fulfill their mission quietly. Let their beauty continue to show around us. this is a wonderful journey. There are some individuals who slaughter cruelly, but that is a minority, and it will gradually get better. Fur is an organic matter, which is harmless to human beings and the earth. Chemical fabrics can not replace them. We firmly believe that our love for fur will continue forever.

Post time: Mar-25-2021