Natural fur enters the list of sustainable fashion 100

International Fur Association IFF 1 week ago
Recently, a list of sustainable fashion innovative products has come into the public’s view. This is a list of sustainable fashion products jointly selected by authoritative industrial media such as WWD China. Many fashion brands from all over the world participated in the final announcement of “sustainable 100 fashion creativity list”.
Sustainable development has become a common trend from creative, production to consumption. However, consumers’ understanding of the concept of “sustainability” is quite different. A list of products with commodity attributes undoubtedly gives consumers a basis.
The list received more than 150 products from nearly 100 fashion, beauty, sports, shoes and other brands. Finally, 90 products from 90 brands were selected, and all products were presented in categories from 8 dimensions of sustainable fashion.
Kopenhagen Fur x Faroe Forest
“Jingsu fashion” shopping bag
Copenhagen fur cooperates with Faroe forest, a Danish niche design brand, to launch a sustainable fashion shopping bag – “Jingsu fashion”. These shopping bags are made of recycled all natural fur fabric scraps and 100% recycled DuPont Tyvek It is made of environmental protection paper and can be degraded in a short time after being discarded.
As a sustainable product, natural fur comes from nature and can be degraded naturally, and finally returns to nature like soil. Its carbon emission is far less than other “fast fashion” and “chemical fashion”; At the same time, fur is often worn by people for a longer time, and is passed on to the next generation, becoming a link of emotional transmission. Natural fur is also suitable for modification, recycling and reuse.
Natural fur is also the crystallization of human culture and skills. It is the first “clothes” of human beings. From the ancient fur making technology to today’s international fur brands, fur inherits human civilization in different periods.
It is precisely because of the “natural and sustainable” characteristics of natural fur that it has been loved by more young people, advocating and reflecting the values of a new generation of life.
From this list, we can see that although sustainable fashion is a road without an end, its beauty lies in the process that brings results, and the key to achieving the goal lies in continuous progress and continuous creation. Fur, as a representative of sustainable development, once again leaves its own footprints in the progress of human civilization.

(source: International Fur Association IFF)

Post time: Jun-29-2021