Online Hong Kong International Fur Fashion Show opens today

International Fur Association

On March 1, 2021, the new online Hong Kong International Fur Fashion Exhibition opened today! Hong Kong Fur Industry Association welcomes buyers from all over the world!

Hong Kong Fur Industry Association is very pleased to receive congratulations from industry organizations, including mark oaten, CEO of International Fur Industry Association, Li Yuzhong, President of China Leather Association, Feng Baoxing, vice president of China Chamber of Commerce for import and export of food, native produce and livestock, Sergey stolbov, President of Russian fur Federation and Kim Hyuk, President of Korea fur industry association President of Joo, President of Japan Fur Association, Hongjiu Obuchi, CEO of Magnus Ljung

Online Hong Kong International Fur fashion exhibition to create a new trade platform for the industry!

I wish the Hong Kong Fur Fair a complete success!

For buyers who have not registered, please register in advance through the following link. Don't miss it! cn


On March 1,2021the new online HongKong internainal Fur Fashion Exhibition opened .We participated in the fair.

Our company started planning 2 years ago,but participated in this activity for the firs time in the epidemic.

Hope the world recovers faster.

The Milan trade show, originally scheduled for March, has cancelled all physical exhibitions. This year's TheOneMilano, Milan luggage Exhibition (MIPEL), Milan luggage and leather goods exhibition (MICAM Milano), Milan Leather Exhibition (Lineapelle), Milan furniture and consumer goods exhibition (HOMI) were all delayed by COVID-19 due to their influence. Although the organizers try their best to hold the exhibition, they have decided not to hold any physical exhibition requiring personnel to attend this year for the sake of overall consideration.


The one Milano high end women's clothing show is a combination of two famous exhibitions, mipap and mifur. Mipap is an international clothing show initiated and organized by Fiera Milano, and mifur is an international fur show organized and organized by ente fieristico mifur.

Mifur is an international famous fur fashion exhibition and an important part of theonemilano. It is an important opportunity for fur exhibitors to launch the latest styles and fashion trends. Buyers come from all over the world. It is also an important international fur fashion trading platform.

According to Italy's prime minister's order on COVID-19, all physical exhibitions were banned until March 5, 2021. However, even if the above activities are allowed to be held after March 6, the original quality and attention of the activities cannot be guaranteed. What's more, buyers from all over the world may not be able to come, and it is they who give Milan the world-famous status. International restrictions on health and travel cannot, as usual, allow thousands of visitors safely to the new Milan Convention and Exhibition Center in Italy.

Because of this, in the next few weeks, the organizers will put all their efforts and funds into the digital exhibition. Although virtual exhibitions can not completely replace physical exhibitions, they will give exhibitors the opportunity to display their works on digital channels.

Post time: Mar-25-2021